Holy Thistle Seed Oil "Organic" 250 ml
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Holy Thistle Seed Oil "Organic" 250 ml

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In many ancient legends, the holy thistle has a second, very unusual name - “the gift of the Virgin Mary”. It is believed that the Blessed Virgin Mary herself told to people about the healing properties of this plant. Since then, the holy thistle was successfully used for treatment of many ailments. And nowadays, the properties and composition of the plant are investigated with the involvement of scientific achievements.

So, thanks to the works of scientists from the Munich Institute of Pharmacy, in 1968 it was found that the basis of all the healing properties of the holy thistle is an active substance silymarin. This is a complex of flavonoids that can have an antioxidant effect on the body, reduces inflammatory processes. In addition, it is a natural hepatoprotective agent. It “picks up” and neutralizes toxic and poisonous substances even before they negatively affect the state of the liver and bile ducts. Another feature of silymarin is that it restores the liver cell membranes. Moreover, today it is a unique natural remedy.

Holy thistle seed oil, which you can buy on this website, is produced from holy thistle seeds. The seeds grown in ecologically clean Siberian fields are carefully selected. During their processing, the Company “Specialist” uses the most gentle of all possible methods of obtaining the oil - the method of cold pressing. It preserves all the benefits of the holy thistle, laid in by nature.

What effect does the holy thistle oil have on the body (price per 100 ml)?

  • It possesses an expressed choleretic property;
  • It improves detoxicative functions of the liver;
  • It normalizes the metabolic processes occurring in the liver;
  • As a consequence, there is an improvement in the digestion in whole, which strengthens the body’s ability to withstand the negative environmental factors.

Except for silymarin, the holy thistle seed oil, which can be bought in the online shop of the Company “Specialist”, contains many other useful substances necessary for human health. Among them:

  • Fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K. The body is not able to synthesize them byitself, and therefore these vitamins must necessarily be included in the diet.
  • Flavolignans that can neutralize free radicals and prevent toxins from entering the liver cells.
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Nowadays, almost everyone knows about them, but most people still think that the best source of omega-3 and omega-6 is fish oil. In fact, many cold-pressed vegetable oils, including the holy thistle seed oil, contain perfectly balanced PUFA complexes “ready to use”.

Use the holy thistle oil (price per 100 ml) in the kitchen. The absolutely neutral taste and almost elusive smell make it possible to use this oil widely in the cooking, without fear of spoiling the usual and favorite dishes. Season a vegetable salad, add to a cold appetizer or a second course – the holy thistle seed oil will not be noticeable at once. But after a while, you will definitely notice its positive effect on your health!

Use the holy thistle seed oil for beauty and health of your skin. This vegetable oil is able to heal not only from the inside, but also from the outside due to its powerful antioxidant action. Deep skin nourishment, prevention of wrinkles, removal of inflammations - this is not a complete list of the properties of the holy thistle when it is applied topically.

Ingredients: unrefined edible holy thistle seed oil 100%.

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