Cedar Nut Oil "Altai" 250 ml
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Cedar Nut Oil "Altai" 250 ml

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Cedar nut oil is a true gift of the nature; it has a rich, perfectly balanced composition. High nutritional properties and the ability to exercise a beneficial effect on the health make the cedar nut oil one of the leaders among other oils. In addition, cedar oil differs by excellent taste and aroma.

The good health of Siberians has become proverbial for a long time. The nature itself has grown up a wonderful cedar nut in the harsh climate and helps the Siberians to maintain their health for many years.

Cedar nut oil manufactured by the Company “Specialist” is a product of the highest quality. Raw materials for this oil are harvested in native forests of Siberia, far from the civilization. The oil is obtained by the softest method of cold pressing. Only such extraction method guarantees the product to preserve all its useful properties to provide it with a very special taste and aroma of cedar nuts.

Cold-pressed cedar oil is the leader in the content of vitamin E (tocopherol), also known as “vitamin of youth”. So, its content in the cedar nut oil, which you can buy in online shop, is 5 times larger than in the popular olive oil. Here are just some of the important properties of tocopherol: it normalizes the endocrine profile, prevents the formation of blood clots, has an expressed antioxidant effect, serves as a barrier to free radicals.

Gamma-linolenic acid, rarely synthesized in natural conditions, is also found in cedar nut oil. The price of this rich composition is health, because this substance has not only anti-inflammatory properties, but also reduces the risk of thrombosis, reduces the content of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, accelerates the processes of fat metabolism, thereby contributing to the gradual “healthy” weight loss.

Complex of Omega-6 and Omega-3 acids is an especially valuable ingredient of the oil, because these substances important for health are not synthesized in the human body. A sufficient amount of omega-acids in the diet is a pledge of strong blood vessels and healthy endocrine profile.

Here are some, but not all important elements contained in the cedar nut oil:

  • Vitamin A, vitamins of groups B, PP, D, which are necessary for a healthy course of all processes in the body;
  • Phospholipids - participants of fat metabolism, providing the transportation of fatty acids and cholesterol.

If you decide to buy cold-pressed cedar oil, you can be sure that using it regularly will help strengthen the immune system, preserve youth and beauty, and protect yourself and loved ones from environmental factors that destroy health.

Cedar oil is indispensable in the kitchen. Cedar nut oil is a real delicacy, its fine taste and delicate nutty aroma will allow you to take a fresh look at familiar dishes.

Cedar oil is ideal for skin and hair care. The oil added in a small amount to ordinary cosmetics (creams, masks) will make them luxurious care products. The oil nourishes the skin, slows down the aging process, allows improving the complexion, preserves the elasticity and health of the skin. Cedar oil will help to make your hair thicker and silky. For this purpose, it is enough to rib the oil into the scalp with massage movements regularly, leaving it for 15-20 minutes.

Ingredients: unrefined edible cedar oil 100%.

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