Walnut Oil "Organic" 250 ml
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Walnut Oil "Organic" 250 ml

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Wonderful properties have been attributed to the walnut for a long time. Its ability to heal diseases is mentioned in the Old Testament. And the ancient Persians called the walnut as a “fruit that grants wisdom”. This nut, whose kernels resemble the human brain in their form, is really food for the mind. It improves the memory and makes the mind clear. Nowadays, the scientists have explained this fact based on the rich composition of walnut kernels.

Walnut oil, which you can buy in our online shop, is a kind of concentrate of all useful substances. The Company “Specialist” selects raw materials of the highest quality for it, and the oil is produced according to the old, softest technology of cold pressing. The finished product preserves almost the complete richest composition of walnuts.

Here is the composition of walnut kernel oil, which explains its healing properties:

  • Coenzyme. The name of this substance is familiar to many people, but it should be recalled about its undisputable benefit. It is a very powerful antioxidant that slows the aging processes and helps to balance the effects of free radicals on the body.
  • Vitamin E - a vitamin of youth. It is another antioxidant granted us by nature.
  • Vitamins of group B: B1, B6, B7 (biotin). These vitamins are involved in almost all vital processes of humans. In case of their lack, the central nervous system suffers, hair and nails weaken, immunity decreases.
  • A complex of PUFAs - Omega-6 and Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids balanced by nature. These are not just words: in fact, the ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 in the walnut oil is ideal for humans: 5 to 1.

All these components of the walnut oil (price per 100 ml) improve the performance of the brain, increase the productivity under intellectual loads and improve the memory. They have a positive effect on the entire body, prolonging youth, strengthening health and protecting from the negative effects of environmental factors.

Use of the walnut oil in the kitchen. This oil can be a wonderful addition to a variety of dishes due to its characteristic taste and bright nut flavor. It will give a delicacy to appetizers and salads. A nutty note will make your usual porridge a masterpiece of high cuisine. The oil is also suitable for the preparation of various sauces. The basic rule that you must observe: if you use the cold-pressed walnut oil, do not heat it above 60˚С in order not to lose some of its useful properties.

Use of the walnut oil in the home cosmetology. This vegetable oil will be especially useful for dry, fading skin. The high content of natural antioxidants in the oil will help to get rid of laxity and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. You can use the oil in its pure form, applying in small quantities on the well-cleansed skin with massage movements. And you can add a few drops in the usual creams or masks.

Ingredients: unrefined edible walnut oil 100%.

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