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Black Cumin Seed Oil "Organic" 100 ml

Price: 420
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The healing properties of black cumin have been used by people for thousand years. It is known, for example, that the ancient Greek healer Galen used it for the treatment of headaches and toothaches. But he lived in the I. century of our era! This plant has been cultivated in hot countries of Africa, Asia and the Middle East for a long time. In past centuries, if the black cumin got into the territory of our country, it was used only as an exotic and very expensive medicine. Perhaps, this fact partly explains the second name of the oil obtained from it - “the oil of kings”.

Today, this unique product that can have a healing effect on the human health is available to almost everyone. Black cumin seed oil, which you can buy in our online shop, is produced from plant seeds by method of cold pressing. The Company “Specialist” uses only this method of the oil extraction, as it allows preserving the maximum useful properties of the plant.

Black cumin seed oil (price per 100 ml) contains many useful substances in an easily digestible form. Here are just the main of them:

  • Full complex of Omega-6 and Omega-9 PUFAs. These polyunsaturated fatty acids are necessary for the human body, but it cannot produce them by itself. Therefore, we must receive them “from the table”. However, the traditional diet with these substances in Russia and the CIS countries is poor. Cold-pressed black cumin seed oil can be an excellent additional (and in some cases the main) source of PUFAs.
  • Vitamin complex, which includes vitamins of group B, as well as E and A.
  • Essential oils that have a positive effect on the functioning of the respiratory system.

Use the black cumin seed oil, which you can buy right now, when cooking your favorite dishes. The original spicy aroma and bright and harsh (even hot) taste make this oil an excellent seasoning for vegetable salads, meat dishes and spicy snacks. If the spiciness of the oil is too obvious for your taste, you can mix it with honey and get a spicy sauce. The basic rule for cold-pressed oils used in the cooking is that they cannot be heated, so as not to lose valuable substances.

Cold-pressed black cumin seed oil can also be mixed with fruit juices. So, you should add 10 drops of oil in a glass of orange juice (ideally - freshly squeezed) to improve the working capacity and vitality. This drink should be taken three times a day for two to three months.

If you have decided to buy the black cumin seed oil in the online shop of the Company “Specialist”, it will be useful to know that it can also be used in the home cosmetology. It was not by chance that the beauty of Eastern women made up legends. One of the pledges of this beauty is cumin seed oil. It nourishes the skin well, helping to fight the signs of fading, gives the skin elasticity. You can use it as an additive to a regular cream. In addition, the cumin seed oil, regularly rubbed into the skin of the body, helps to fight stretch marks, which is very important for women after childbirth or after a significant weight loss.

Cumin seed oil will also have a beneficial effect on hair. It stops alopecia (hair loss) and stimulates the growth of new, healthy and strong hair. Just add a few milliliters of oil to a shampoo (for oily hair) or a balm conditioner (for dry hair) for regular use. In order to enhance the effect of the oil, you can also combine it with other vegetable oils (for example, cedar, sesame or flax seed) in the ratio 1:2 and rub into the scalp for 10-15 minutes. This procedure can be repeated 1-3 times a week, if necessary.

Ingredients: unrefined edible black cumin seed oil 100%.

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