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Functional foods

Specialist, LLC was established in 1995 in the science city of Biysk. The Company manufactures functional food products using natural ingredients, most of which are collected in Altai and our own patented soft processing technologies.

We study the nutrition traditions and create natural products for the daily diet. There are more than 30 products in our assortment: cold-pressed oils, flour, porridge, drinks based on cedar milk.

Plant raw materials used for the manufacture of our products are collected in places of historical growth – in the best conditions for growth and ripening. So, we take raw materials for traditional Siberian oils, such as flax seed, camelina and sea-buckthorn, in Altai and Siberia; pumpkin and amaranth - in the south of Russia, black cumin - in Ethiopia or Saudi Arabia. The best sesame is in India, so we purchase only it.

We use the method of cold pressing in the processing of raw materials. Only cold pressing, no chemistry and heating - otherwise, the natural taste is lost and the benefit of the finished product is significantly reduced.

It is difficult to improve a product created by nature. A product created by nature is perfect from the beginning. Therefore, our task is to take gifts of nature in a proper order and present them to people carefully. It is important for us to control the whole process: from gathering seeds of wild plants to their processing into oil and packaging of finished products.

Our visiting card is cedar nut oil. The nut itself is easily exposed to environmental factors, so it must be stored in its natural shell till the pressing. While the shell is not destroyed, the oxidation does not occur. We all know how different is the taste of peeled walnut and long-lying walnut and walnut, which we have just cracked. Whoever bought the cedar nut kernel in the store will confirm: it is usually rancid. This means that the nutrients are already lost and continue to be lost upon contact with the environment.

Another special feature of our technology is that we preserve a “shirt” - a valuable kernel shell. In order to delay the oxidation process, we process the nut in small batches and pack the oil in a glass container immediately after pressing.

The remaining flour also contains the kernel shell and, accordingly, is valuable.

We are often asked: why is a company engaged in the manufacture of food products called “Specialist”?

The matter is that the company was created at the time of the conversion on the basis of the Federal Research and Production Center “Altai”. Specialists from different areas met together to create an innovative technology for the production of cedar oil. Each of them has put all his/her knowledge, skills and experience into this technology. People from the Scientific Institute had little interest in marketing. The first thing they thought about was how to get the technology for soft processing of raw materials to produce a high-quality product. During these years, the name of the company was born - SPECIALIST, to which both employees and customers are accustomed.

  • 1995 – beginning of the development of an innovative technology of cedar oil production
  • 1997 – beginning of the production of cold-pressed cedar oil
  • 2001 – the technology for obtaining oil and flour from cedar nuts is protected by a patent
  • 2001 – creation of a series of oils “Altai”
  • 2007 – production of a series of oils of the world “OrganicLife”
  • 2014 – creation of a series of natural instant porridges “The Power of Altai”
  • 2015 – production of a series of functional drinks based on cedar milk “The Power of Altai”